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  1. I found Dr. Wackes!!!

    I had the privilege of hearing you teach and preach at CRPC, and cannot tell you how much I enjoyed those Sundays.

    Fourteen Habits for Godly Living and Examples of Life Mission Statements are just two of the handouts I have from your Sunday School classes.

    Thank you for making me study harder, memorize scripture, and make me laugh every Sunday.



  2. Hi Ken and Ruth
    How did you. You guy make throw the hurricane. Have yours been able to get back to see you house. I hope it’s ok.
    I was wondering you said Alan was picking you up. Did he live in new jersey.

    Take care, be safe, and we prayer very thing ok
    Anna marie, and whole family


    1. Irma virtually died before reaching us. But we had lots of broken tree limbs and Spanish moss on the ground. Alan is one of my two younger brothers–both Florida Crackers. He never lived in New Jersey.


  3. Dear Ken, I am so blessed to call you Big Brother! Your blog has been so encouraging to me! There you sit, with two working fingers, still sharing your faith in God’s love, and the special Grace He is giving you! You have always been my shining example, and you are still teaching me. I have started to sit and focus in on Christian music, letting the words reach my heart. I am sitting here in tears after listening to this song. Your ability to teach and your caring spirit have not diminished by ALS, they have been refined and focused like the lense of a telescope, helping me to turn my eyes to heaven.. I love you, E


  4. Ken, would love to share your blog site with fellow Irian Jaya/Papua/West Irian/DNG missionaries – via email and facebook. May I have your permission to do so?
    May our Lord continue to bless you in every manner possible!


  5. You call yourself a student…….but, you’ve always been a ‘master teacher’ and I’ve learned so much from you! Thanks for the past……..and for what I’m going to learn from you in the present through your blog! Ginger


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