While books/eTexts I have written do not deal with ALS, they might be interesting to or be of help to those who visit this blog site.


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Building My Marriage Before It Begins

Kindle edition available here.

From the Publisher:

Building My Marriage Before It Begins was honed over a thirty-year ministry of counseling at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. One commendation alone reveals the true value of this book: “My husband and I wondered how couples got married without the preparation we received from our counseling with Dr. Wackes. His gift for teaching was the greatest wedding gift we received and we are still reaping the benefits.” It is a valuable tool for the classroom setting, for pre-marriage counseling, and for married persons seeking to tune-up their relationship.


From Chapter One: Eight Marriage Patterns

There are eight marriage patterns in American culture. Only one of the eight works well. To develop and maintain this pattern requires knowledge, commitment, and determination.

From Chapter Three: Seven Major Family Types

Virtually all families belong to one or two of seven dominant family patterns that exist in American culture. The pattern that a family develops is determined by the marriage relationship of the parents. . . . That family type becomes the environment for the children born into that family.

From Chapter Eight: Learning to Listen

Has anyone ever taught you how to listen? I mean to really listen? Have you developed specific skills for listening like you have for reading, playing the piano, shooting a basketball, or any activity for which you have a fairly well developed set of skills? This is an important question to ask. Why? Because if there are two skills needed desperately in marriage, they are the skills of (1) active listening and (2) constructive confronting.



Survey of World History

Survey of World History is a free eText.

This eText has been constructed from a historic Judeo-Christian perspective with a presupposition that there is a personal Creator God who superintends human history. “A historic Judeo-Christian perspective ” does not mean adding “fake history” or “contorted accounts of history.” It means reinserting back into a credible survey of world history those facts deleted by a majority of current texts that strive to be politically correct, “progressive,” and biased against the supernatural or to the impact that persons of faith have had on world history.

Whether you are a history buff or not, and whether you hated or loved history in school, you will find certain units enlightening and certainly not boring for understanding the events taking place in the immediate present.  I suggest the following:

  • Unit 4 – China;  read about the fascinating remnant of biblical content in Chinese written characters
  • Unit 9 – Islam; what does the Qur’an really teach?
  • Unit 21 – Absolutism vs. Constitutionalism; the struggle has not ended with current attempts to prevent free speech
  • Units 26A,B – Revolution in Thought; did the Enlightenment philosophers in general really elevate human reason over Scripture?
  • Unit 27A – American War for Independence; was the Declaration of Independence a secular document and its signers secularists?

“Stonehenge” Attributed:Diego Delso,, License CC-BY-SA”

World Religions 

World Religions is a free eText

This eText was originally written for the dual enrollment course REL 2300 at the College of Central Florida.

Religions covered include: Animism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, Shintoism, Islam, Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Divisions within Christianity

How the Big Questions are addressed by the World’s Religions:

1) What is religion? 2) Does a Divine Creator exist, and if so, is the Divine approachable? 3) If the Divine is approachable, on what grounds? 4) Has the Divine communicated with humankind and if so, how?  5) What is the purpose for life? 6) Is there life after death, and if so, where? 7) What is reincarnation? 8) What is ancestor worship? 9) What religion is based on a resurrection?