I met an angel

Have you ever met an angel?

I have.

Were you caught off guard by a first encounter?

I was.

It was that demure smile,

Framed by two dimples,

That from her first blush

My mind, soul and spirit reeled in.

Not by huge waves of emotion,

But by soft, quiet ripples.

An angel you say?

How did you know?

No unkind words did she speak,

No lack of grace did she show.

Her purity of life,

as with all angels above,

Was centered in God,

and remained so as mother and wife.

It’s now sixty years later,

And only an angel could stand,

gracious and strong,

Enabling me to confront ALS,

All day and night long.

Indeed, so thankful am I,

To my Father above,

For giving to me,

This angel of love!

I love you, my angel.



(Photo by Will O @ unSplash.com)

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