There’s no there, there

Whoa! That was a close one! Just as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, with help from Robert Muller, have reportedly been heard humming under their breath about the fictitious Trump dossier, “There’s no there, there,” so, too, with Hurricane Irma and the Gulf Coast of Florida, where I live.

Hurricanes are scary! I remember one that hit Ft. Lauderdale in the mid-1950’s. Water in the downtown streets in that, then, small town, reached the tops of the bar stools in the drug store where we bought 10¢ vanilla cokes and ice cream cones and 20¢ chili dogs. My father took off all the interior doors in our house and nailed them over the windows for storm shutters.

On another occasion, my father sent me out to check the ropes on his boat and I had to crawl out and back because I couldn’t stand up due to the force of the winds. And then he decided to sleep on the boat, “To make sure it is safe!”

On Friday this past week, we paid someone to put up the aluminum panels on our windows and doors–a pre-ALS, 5-hour chore I hated to do. Then, when the TV weather experts stated it was certain Irma was coming smack on Crystal River, we went to a neighbor’s house yesterday (Sunday) afternoon until Irma passed through our locale.

Glued to the TV weather reports we went to bed at midnight anticipating a category 4, or at least category 3, storm. When we woke up this morning it was like hearing that the Little Sisters of the Poor had defeated ISIS in a terror-ending battle in Syria! Irma had overnight been reduced to a tropical storm with pussycat winds and no storm surge by the time she reached us this morning in Citrus County.

Spanish mossWe lost no trees, had no roof or structural damage, and did not lose power! The last item was of special concern because I can’t survive without electrical power. I use a ventilator now most of the day and all night while sleeping. We do have a generator, but due to the gas shortage, not enough to operate it for more than 4-5 days.

There’s enough Spanish moss fallen from the oak and cypress trees to keep Amazon well supplied–it’s selling for $40 per 5-pound box–and enough twigs and fallen branches to keep the burn pile going for quite awhile. (Did you know that through the 1930’s they used Spanish moss to stuff auto upholstery?

(Photo left: Attribution: Gh5046 Wiki Commons) 

Thank you to all who prayed for us, especially those who were in the path of the same storm! Knowing we were safe in God’s hands, whether through death or protection, Ruth and I slept soundly.



6 Replies to “There’s no there, there”

  1. PTL Ken!

    We had many friends praying regarding your safety and we are thankful that you and your family (and friends) came through ok. There was so much damage in Florida and we are also praying regarding the recovery stage.

    Love you guys and thanks for the update.

    Tom and Jeannine


  2. Ken, you have such a concise, profound way of describing things! We all heard the disaster warnings, and expected a category 4-5 hurricane to go right over our heads.. But God showed His power, and then He showed His mercy.


  3. So happy you went to higher ground and especially that your power stayed on. Did the surge this evening effect you? Prayers for continued safety and for recovery for those affected. Love you guys!

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Sent from my iPhone. Now that is abundant grace and we had it poured out upon us in Lauderdale by the sea too. The Lord answered over and above what we thought possible. Now, we will see what takes place in Chattanooga. “The Lord moves in mysterious ways…” Many homes were flooded and destroyed😒. Only the Lord knows the whys and wherefores We send our love to all of you. Gayle



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